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Best rotating proxies for SEO

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, relates to improving a website’s visibility in search engines for queries relevant to the website’s business.

A proxy acts as a middleman between users and websites, effectively hiding the origin of an IP address to provide anonymity.

SEO proxies are used by professional individuals and companies that operate in the SEO industry to mask their identities while performing their day-to-day work.

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What is an SEO proxy?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, relates to improving a website’s visibility in search engines for queries relevant to the website’s business.

A proxy acts as a middleman between users and websites, effectively hiding the origin of an IP address to provide anonymity.

SEO proxies are used by professional individuals and companies that operate in the SEO industry to mask their identities while performing their day-to-day work.

What are SEO Proxies used for?

SEO research involves lots of data collection through web scraping and crawling, which naturally consists in making thousands of requests to retrieve the information.

This is generally frowned upon by most websites, which do not shy away from blocking IP addresses that perform too many requests in quick succession.

To avoid IP bans, it is essential to use a proxy network service that will rotate between new IP addresses.

The SEO data collection areas requiring proxies are split into different groupings; we’ll explain a few below.

Rank tracking

The only way to measure the success of an SEO strategy is to track the keyword rankings and how the positionings change over time.

You’re on the right track if the rankings climb higher after an SEO-related implementation. If the rankings didn’t improve or even go down, it’s time to return to the drawing board and re-evaluate.

Sometimes referred to as rank tracker proxies, they are essential for anyone who wants to monitor the ranking development of thousands of targeted keywords daily or weekly.

Competitor research

Valuable insights can be gained by looking at what the competition is doing. Whether it’s their content, technical performance, or backlinks, you can learn from it and apply similar tactics to your SEO project.

When peeking from behind the curtains on competitors, you want to ensure there are no footprints left behind that can identify you. Not only because they can block your IP and thus halt your data gathering, but it’s also good to avoid giving them a heads-up that you’re looking into them.


Accessing content on a country & city level is vital for targeted local SEO campaigns.

Whether you want to check out the SERP for restaurants in Boston or car dealerships in Delhi, you can do just that with our proxy service.

AnyIP offers rotating residential & mobile proxies in 195+ countries and thousands of cities.

Simply select which country or city you want, and off you go!

SEO Tools

Like search engines, popular SEO tool providers use in-house crawlers (a.k.a. spiders) to collect, process and store data from millions of websites.Screaming Frog and Deepcrawl are two examples of crawling-oriented SEO tools that are great for technical SEO but not helpful in scraping search engines.

All-encompassing SEO tools like Ahrefs and Semrush are great for most SEO purposes, but their subscriptions come at a hefty price. Such devices also tend to suffer from feature bloating, so people pay for a 360 service but only utilize a portion.

Many of our customers have custom requirements that existing tools don’t cover and therefore code their software for data extraction. This enables them to save lots of money and provide flexibility in adapting the scraping to changing requirements.

Search Engine Proxies – 99.9% success rate

Before conducting any SEO campaign, the most important initial task is to perform thorough keyword research. This is to identify keywords relevant to the website and the associated monthly search volumes and trends.

Whenever you use any major search engine, they gather your data. Not only is this bad for privacy, but it also results in personalized results for search queries.

This provides an incorrect overview of the search landscape, which is disastrous for data collection. The value lies in discovering precisely what the SERP looks like for an average user.

Once again, there is a simple solution to this problem – proxies. Individuals who want to keep their privacy will usually opt for a VPN. Still, any severe SEO marketer will need a proxy network to help them gather uncorrupted SERP data.

Customers using our rotating proxy pool of 30+ million IPs enjoy a whopping 99.9% success rate for SEO monitoring in Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Yandex.

Google proxies

If you’ve ever performed searches too quickly in Google, you may have needed to verify yourself as being a human through a reCAPTCHA challenge.

This happens to everyone sooner or later and shows how much effort Google puts into its anti-bot measures.

Retrieving any information at scale from the world’s biggest search engine requires a scraper and reliable Google proxies to mask your IP.

Gmail proxies

Gmail is the most popular email in the world and provides access to a mail service and many other Google products like Google Docs, Google Drive, Youtube, etc.

If you want to create and/or manage several Gmail accounts, choose our residential proxies and use sticky sessions. These proxies are 100% indistinguishable from real users and will protect you from Google’s far-reaching banhammer.

Yahoo proxies

Yahoo used to offer many services, but most have been defunct for years. Nowadays, people are primarily interested in their mail service and financial news portal.

Since Bing powers Yahoo Search, there isn’t much unique data to be extracted. But if you are one of the people who find value in scraping Yahoo Search, our proxies will help you do just that.

Yahoo Mail automation

Despite not being the first-hand choice for most people, Yahoo Mail is the world’s third-most-used email platform.

Automating Yahoo Mail is helpful for marketing campaigns where you must do massive outreach. While the platform allows people to create multiple accounts, it doesn’t give the green light for marketers to automate on the scale.

This is why using proxies for Yahoo Mail is essential – it allows creating and automating of hundreds and even thousands of accounts.

Scrape Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance contains available information on all publicly traded companies, including stock data and financial statements.

This provides good insights for investors and day traders looking for money-making opportunities. Historical data is often extracted from a large dataset, which is used to make stock purchasing decisions.

If you want to scrape Yahoo finance, you must code a scraper. Python is a perfect programming language for this, and plenty of scraping guides are specialized for Yahoo Finance to read online.

Bing proxies

What would you choose if you had to select Internet Explorer as your eternal web browser or Bing as your search engine?

Despite the good old Bing jokes, its popularity has risen over the last few years and now stands as the second/third most significant search engine, depending on the country.

In the US alone, during March 2019, 6 billion searches were done by more than 120 million users. Bing is also incorporated by default in many other Microsoft products.

The demand for Bing proxies continues to increase, and we’re here to meet that demand.

Scrape Bing search results

Bing scraping used to be easy, but it has recently become challenging as they have improved their anti-bot measures. Low-quality data center proxies don’t provide sufficient protection anymore.

Our Bing proxies consist of residential & mobile IPs that belong to devices used by real people. This means you can unblock Bing if you’ve already been blocked and continue scraping without any further hassle, whether blocks or CAPTCHA challenges.

Yandex proxies

Yandex is Russia’s most popular search engine and has a solid user base in many eastern European countries.

For businesses involved in these regions, it naturally makes sense to invest in paid Yandex advertisement and SEO to get organic traffic.

Yandex proxies are needed to access localized content and perform large-scale scraping since, just like any other search engine, they strictly prohibit non-human behavior.

Frequently asked questions

1. Is search engine scraping possible without proxies?

Scraping search engines without proxies usually works fine if you want to gather a minuscule amount of data.

You would have to reduce the request frequency significantly and ensure not to give out any strange traffic patterns. Try rotating user agents or a headless browser to camouflage better. But no matter the precautions, there is still a risk that you’ll get your home IP blacklisted.

Ultimately, there is no better option than rotating residential proxies for SEO scraping.

2. What about free SEO proxies?

Like yesterday’s news, free proxies don’t cost money and are available to the public because they are useless.

Some web scraping tools include “proxy harvester” functions in their package that they proudly offer without additional cost. They take proxies from open proxy server lists shared with thousands of other users.

Besides being slow and susceptible to immediate bans by most websites, free SEO proxies are security hazards where you inevitably end up sharing IP addresses with hackers and other shady people.

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