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Best Proxies In Canada

Canada residential and mobile proxies network

Premium Registered Proxies From Toronto to Vancouver

With over 7900 cities in which our proxy servers are located in Canada, AnyIP enables you to access websites blocked in your region. Our premium Canadian proxies are regularly updated to ensure you always have access to the latest technology and security features.

  • Unlimited thread/concurrency, which allows you to perform many tasks at the same time, saving you valuable time and resources.
  • Authentication ensures that only users with the correct credentials can access your resources.
  • API access enables you to automate tasks and integrate with other applications.
  • A large IP pool size with a high reputation ensures that you always have a fresh and diverse range of IP addresses to use.
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Advanced Rotating Proxies

Proxy rotation is a technique used to change the IP address of a proxy server at regular intervals. AnyIP’s proxy rotation service is noteworthy because of our 3.9 million unique IP addresses across Canada. This ensures users’ reliable and efficient browsing experience.

Rotate Your Proxies As Often As You Like
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Residential Canada proxies ISPs

Best Residential Proxy

Do you need to scrape websites from a specific location in Canada?

Our Canadian residential proxies are just what you need! You can access content anywhere in the country by redirecting your internet traffic through a residential IP address.

AnyIP offers high-quality,
affordable residential proxy networks in Canada.

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4G/5G Mobile Proxies

A mobile proxy is a server that uses a mobile carrier network to reroute internet traffic and assign a new IP address. Canada-based mobile carriers like Telus, Mobility, and Shaw are the source of IP addresses used by our Canadian mobile proxies. These proxies are true 4G, LTE, and 5G connections with higher IP reputations than others.

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Private Sticky Proxies

At AnyIP, we offer sticky proxies in various locations throughout Canada. Our sticky Canadian proxies are useful for tasks that require a stable connection, such as data mining and web scraping. Sticky proxies provide a consistent IP address that isn’t blocked by security measures.

Keep Your IP for Up to 7 Days
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What Can You Do With Our Canada Proxies?

Canadian proxies can provide a range of benefits for internet users. You can access a website only available in Canada by routing your internet traffic through our Canadian proxy servers.

Additionally, using Canadian proxies can help you protect your online privacy and security.

Below we will see some of the things we can do with our Canadian proxies in more detail.

Buy a Ticket

If you’re trying to buy tickets for a popular event, you may encounter issues such as long waiting times, website crashes, and IP blocking. AnyIP’s proxies can help you get around these issues by providing you with a diverse IP address.

You’re trying to buy tickets for a Beyonce concert or an Ice Hockey game in Canada, and the ticketing website limits the number of tickets you can buy from a single IP address. By using AnyIP’s residential proxies, you can increase your chances of getting tickets.

Test Mobile Games and Websites

As a mobile game or website developer, you must test your products on various devices and locations to ensure they work. By using AnyIP’s mobile proxies, you can simulate different mobile networks and areas in Canada.

To ensure it works well under different network conditions. You can test a game from a mobile device in Canada’s major cities like Toronto, Montreal, or Vancouver.

Get Around Geo-Blocks

If you’re trying to access restricted content, you may encounter geo-blocks that prevent you from accessing the content. AnyIP’s residential proxies can help you get around these by providing access to IP addresses in different regions.

Suppose you try to access websites like CBC Gem or TSN that are only available in Canada. Using AnyIP’s residential proxies, you can access the content from a Canadian IP address.

Monitor Plane Ticket Prices

If you plan a trip and want the best deal on plane tickets from Air Canada, you may need to track ticket prices over time. AnyIP’s proxies can help you do this by providing access to a large pool of IP addresses. You can find the best deal on plane tickets by using these proxies to track prices on airline websites and travel agencies.

Frequently asked questions

1. Are Proxies Legal in Canada?

Proxies are legal in Canada. However, it’s important to note that while proxies are legal, their use may be subject to specific laws and regulations. Using proxies for illegal activities can have serious consequences.

2. How do I Get a Canadian Proxy?

If you’re looking for reliable, high-quality Canadian proxies, AnyIP is an excellent option.

AnyIP offers premium residential and mobile proxies that cover a broad spectrum of regions and users in Canada. With a large pool of Canadian IP addresses, you can easily access local content by bypassing geo-restrictions.

To get started with AnyIP, simply sign up for an account on our website. AnyIP offers a dashboard to manage your proxies, track usage, and access support. Plus, our proxies come with unlimited threads/concurrency, high IP reputation, and clean IP not blocked by websites.

3. How About Using Free Proxy Servers?

Free proxy servers may seem good, but they can have hidden issues like being slow, unreliable, and risky. To avoid these issues, it’s best to use AnyIP’s reliable and secure paid proxy service. This ensures that you get fast and high-quality proxies that meet your needs.

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