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Best Proxies for Reddit

Residential Proxies

Residential proxies

Residential proxies are the best choice for Reddit, hands down. These proxies are assigned to real residential locations using Internet service providers and are thus considered highly trusted.

Unlike Datacenter proxies and VPNs, residential proxies are not associated with spam and carry a very low risk of being blocked.

Another option is to use mobile proxies. Some people shy away from using them as they often come with a higher price and may even be considered “overkill” for Reddit.

We offer mobile and residential proxies with premium quality at the same affordable price. So it’s really up to you to use whichever you prefer.

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Proxies for Reddit bots

Reddit is a friendly site in general for bots. Bots are already an essential part of Reddit, mostly used to auto-moderate subreddits and keep the site clean.

Over the years, third-party companies have developed bots to help people automate Reddit accounts and circumvent API limitations.

Some are specifically designed for Reddit, while others support usage on various social media platforms.

Whether you use popular variants like ASB Reddit Bot, Socinator, Reddit Voter, or other custom software, our proxies will keep you safe from detection.

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When do you need Reddit Proxies?

Reddit is not the strictest social media site out there. They let people create several accounts as long as they don’t break the content policy, which prohibits spamming, vote manipulation, ban evasion, and more.

That is fine for the average user who might want to create a throw-away account now and then, but if you’re reading this, you probably have bigger goals.

Except for individuals living in blocked regions like China or Indonesia, the usage of proxies for Reddit is usually practiced by those running automation software or scraping data at a large scale.

To protect against such activity, Reddit has implemented measures against non-permitted botting and scraping activity, such as reCAPTCHA verifications and IP tracking.

This has increased demand for private residential proxies, as datacenter proxies no longer provide sufficient protection.

That’s where we step in. Customers trust our proxies to safeguard their autopilots, freeing up time for them to do other things.

Account Automation

No matter if you are automating two or 1000 Reddit accounts, it is essential to use proxies to ensure your botting operation keeps on trucking undisturbed.

Automation includes everything from account creation, sending DM’s, voting on posts, publishing your posts, etc.

Pushing posts through voting manipulation to the front page is a primary goal for many. Done right, it can result in a viral success that exposes your message to a broad audience in a cheaper and more organic way than traditional marketing.

You can even boost your subreddit to the point where natural users start flooding in, which keeps the sub-community alive and prosperous.

And why not get rid of the competition? Downvote posts that compete with what you’re trying to push and claim the market share for yourself. Hey – they’d do the same to you if they could.


Performing too many actions quickly from the same IP address is one of the most obvious signs that a robot is pulling the levers.

Reddit requires data scrapers to be connected with OAuth2. Scraping Reddit the “correct” way has several limitations, as you must follow their API Rules.

One such limitation is that you’re not allowed to make more than 60 requests per minute – in a world where time equals money, this is unacceptable.

Our rotating proxy network assigns a fresh IP for every request, enabling you to make thousands of requests per minute.

Whether you’ve coded a scraper in Python or bought existing third-party software, it’s always important to ensure that it functions as intended.

But regardless of how perfect the Reddit scraper is, it will be easily detected without proxies.

Reddit Automation Tips

  • Research and find your target subreddits. Reddit has over 700,000 subreddits that cover a wide range of topics. Finding the right one is essential for reaching the people in your niche.
  • Letting your accounts age will increase their “trust level” – the older the better. Newly created accounts are more prone to being banned. However, making a few posts soon after registering before logging off and letting the accounts age is good.
  • Keep the frequency of voting and posting at a suitable level. Performing too many actions quickly can be interpreted as spammy and non-human behavior.
  • Read the rules for each subreddit you will be participating in, and make sure your bot doesn’t break any of them if you want to reduce the risk of being banned.
  • Occasionally, you can manually log in and participate in discussions as a regular user. This will make your account history seem more human.

About Reddit

Reddit is one of the largest social media platforms where people share knowledge and memes and discusses various topics and world news.

Posts can contain text, links, videos, gifs, and images. A content rating system is utilized where fellow users can upvote and downvote comments.

This is directly connected to the karma function, a “trust” indicator where users collect points by receiving upvotes and lose points by being downvoted.

Successful content can quickly go viral on Reddit and spread all over the internet.

With over 100,000 active subreddits and 400+ million users, there is undoubtedly a broad audience for marketers to target and lots of analytical insights to be gained through data collection.

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