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Best Proxies In Malaysia

Malaysia residential and mobile proxies network map

Premium Registered Proxies From Kuala Lumpur to Seberang Perai

At AnyIP, we have a vast network of more than 1.9 million unique IP addresses across Malaysia. Our premium proxies are updated regularly to ensure you have access to the latest technology and security features, enabling you to access websites blocked in your region.

Our proxies have advanced features like unlimited thread/concurrency, API access, and extensive IP pool size.

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Advanced Rotating Proxies

Our rotating proxies are ideal for those looking for a high-quality, fast, and affordable proxy service in Malaysia. We’ve invested in top-of-the-line infrastructure to ensure that our proxies offer lightning-fast speeds and minimal downtime.

These features make them highly effective for various use cases, including monitoring travel sites like Booking, Malaysia Airlines, and Prolintas for hotel, train, and flight price drops. By rotating through multiple Malaysian IP addresses, our proxies enable you to bypass rate limits and access price data from numerous locations nationwide.

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Residential Malaysia proxies ISPs

Best Residential Proxy

Are you interested in tracking your competitors’ activities on Shopee, Mudah, or Lazada? Using our premium residential proxies, your online traffic will appear to come from a regular internet user rather than a data center. This process makes our residential proxies more difficult to detect and block, making it easy for you to scrape data from Shopee and gain valuable insights into your competitors’ pricing strategies.

Our residential IP addresses allow you to access content anywhere in Malaysia, regardless of location. With over 80% of the population connected to the web, Malaysia boasts one of Southeast Asia’s highest internet penetration rates, making residential proxies essential for anyone looking to access geo-restricted content within the country.

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4G/5G Mobile Proxies

Are you experiencing issues managing Facebook accounts due to blocks or restrictions? Using our Malaysian mobile proxies, you can access each of your accounts through a separate IP address, making it easier to avoid detection and comply with Facebook’s guidelines. Whether you’re managing personal or business accounts, our proxies can help you streamline your account management process and avoid the unnecessary hustle.

At AnyIP, we provide mobile proxies that use Malaysia-based mobile carriers to reroute internet traffic. These Malaysian mobile proxies use IP addresses from reputable carriers like Maxis, Celcom, and Digi. Our mobile proxies provide LTE, 4G, and 5G connections with higher IP reputations than others.

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Malaysia proxies mobile carriers
Static Sticky proxies illustration

Private Sticky Proxies

Our sticky proxies are offered in diverse locations across Malaysia, providing a reliable solution for various use cases. With sticky proxies, you can maintain the same IP address for an extended period, ensuring a stable and persistent connection, making them ideal for web scraping and SEO monitoring.

Suppose you want to track your shipments on Tracking Malaysia without getting detected. Using our Malaysian static proxies, you can track your freight wherever you are. You can avoid being flagged as a bot by maintaining the same IP address.

Keep Your IP for Up to 7 Days
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What Can You Do With Our Malaysian Proxies?

Our Malaysian proxies can provide a range of benefits for our users. Our proxies offer fast and reliable connections, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted browsing. With our proxies, you can browse the internet with confidence and peace of mind, knowing your online activity is secure and protected.

Below we will see some of the things we can do with our Malaysian proxies in more detail.

Web Scraping

Proxies help by allowing users to route their requests through different IP addresses. Using proxies makes your activity less likely to be detected or blocked.

Suppose you need to gather data from Facebook Marketplace in Malaysia. However, if Facebook detects excessive scraping, it may block your activity. To prevent this, consider buying our premium Malaysian proxies and routing your requests through different IP addresses. Additionally, you could create multiple accounts and collect data from other regions.

Ad Verification

Our proxies can be used to simulate different geolocations. Allowing ad verification companies to test whether ads are being delivered to target audiences in other regions.

Suppose a digital marketing agency wants to verify that its client’s ads are displayed correctly in Malaysia. They may use AnyIP to get a pool of residential IP addresses that are geolocated in different cities of Malaysia, such as Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, and Kota Kinabalu.

The agency can then confirm whether the ads are accurately displayed in the country’s various regions by observing the advertising activity linked to these IP addresses.

Access geo-restricted content

Geo-restrictions limit access to certain content or websites based on the user’s location.

Suppose you want to watch Malaysian TV shows and movies on the streaming service iflix. You can use our premium Malaysian proxy server to bypass the geo-restrictions and access the content as if you were in Malaysia.

Frequently asked questions

1. Are Proxies Legal In Malaysia?

In Malaysia, using proxies is not illegal, but there are some restrictions to be aware of. The government can block certain websites, and you might break the law if you use a proxy to bypass these restrictions. However, if you use a proxy for personal reasons, there is less risk of getting in trouble.

2. How do I Get a Malaysian Proxy?

If you want to buy a Malaysian proxy, you can use AnyIP – a trusted proxy provider that offers servers in various countries. You can enjoy a secure and private online experience, access geo-restricted content, and have faster internet speeds. Take advantage of the benefits of using our Malaysian proxies – sign up with AnyIP today.

3. How About Using Free Proxy Servers?

Using free proxy servers may seem like a great solution to bypass website restrictions or access content that may not be available in your country. However, there are some essential things to keep in mind.

Anti-bot systems frequently scan free proxy server lists. Because of this, they block these IPs before you can even use them. They typically don’t have encryption and use the HTTP protocol, allowing anyone to capture your sensitive information. Additionally, free proxies are slow and unreliable.

Thus, it’s better to use a reputable proxy provider such as AnyIP, which offers high-quality, reliable, and secure proxies that are less likely to be detected or blocked.

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