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What is the best proxy for Instagram?

Residential Proxies

Residential proxies

A Residential proxy is a great option to get around Instagram’s block on proxy usage.

Residential proxies use real IP addresses provided by Internet Service Providers (ISP). Since these IPs are linked to actual home (and office) addresses, they offer a much more reliable and stable connection than normal proxies. In addition, users also have the option to disclose their privacy on Instagram.

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4G Mobile Proxies for Instagram

A Mobile proxy (or 4G proxy) is a type of proxy that allows users to access the internet from their mobile devices. 4G proxies use mobile IP addresses, making them perfect for use with Instagram.

Mobile proxies are easy to set up and offer several benefits, including improved speeds, enhanced privacy, and greater reliability.

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Why is an Instagram Proxy Needed?

Instagram has a rigid policy against using proxies, meaning users can’t access multiple accounts from the same IP address.

Using proxies for Instagram is a popular method for getting around these restrictions. However, this isn’t a fail-proof measure. Instagram’s anti-spam detection tools can block most of the proxies, so your Instagram accounts might get blocked.

With AnyIP’s Instagram-optimized proxy servers, you can manage your favorite automation tool and connect to all your accounts without getting banned.

How Does Your Proxy Get Blocked by Instagram?

Instagram has blocked many proxies. Hence, it is crucial to buy the best proxies for Instagram automation.

Some proxies are more prone to getting blocked than others. Opting for free proxies may risk getting your Instagram accounts suspended. Residential proxies provide unique fingerprints and have higher authenticity as the requests are routed from people’s homes and mobile devices’ IPs.

Instagram Proxy Benefits

There are several benefits to using a proxy for Instagram. Using a proxy service, you can access Instagram from anywhere in the world while keeping your identity and location private.

Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts

Instagram has been a valuable market research platform for many businesses.

An Instagram proxy lets you manage multiple Instagram accounts from a single device without being detected by Instagram’s anti-spam detection systems.

Automate Your Marketing

Instagram automation tools can help you save time and effort in marketing campaigns.

Opting for the right automation tool and the Instagram proxy provider is crucial, as it not only boosts your business but also avoids the risk of getting your accounts banned.

Instagram Scraping

Instagram scraping is the process of extracting publicly available data from Instagram profiles.

Using Instagram bots to perform scraping can be beneficial to know your audience. You may want to scrape Instagram:

  • to create a database of all Instagram users for marketing purposes;
  • to collect analytics about current and potential users;
  • to discover and analyze product interests

Instagram’s anti-bot system has made web page scraping more difficult. However, you can still scrape data from Instagram with a reliable proxy provider.

Scrape Data from Instagram Posts

You can scrape Instagram posts to obtain information about the posts, including the number of likes and comments received, hashtags used, and the user who made the post.

Extract Instagram Emails

If you want to scrape Instagram emails from multiple accounts, we recommend you use an Instagram scraping tool. With a dedicated scraping service, you can filter out fake Instagram profiles.

Web Scraping Instagram Followers

Scraping Instagram followers can help you reach a larger audience and possibly get you new followers.

Works with All Instagram Scraper Tools

anyIP’s smart proxies seamlessly integrate with all Instagram data scraper tools, including:

  • Apify
  • Jarvee
  • Octoparse
  • ScrapeStorm

Unblock Instagram with our Proxies

The uniqueness of the residential proxies lies in routing clients’ requests to the IP address of the original device.

Our Instagram proxies are fast, reliable, and secure, so you can easily unblock Instagram.

You can choose from our wide range of proxies – from rotating proxies to assigning a proxy to one IP for a sticky session – that are perfect for unblocking Instagram.

Frequently asked questions

1. Is it still possible to automate Instagram in 2023?

Yes, it is still possible to automate Instagram. Automation tools are constantly evolving, and as long as an API is available for Instagram, it will be possible to automate interactions with the platform.

2. What are the risks of using Instagram proxies?

One of the main risks associated with using Instagram proxies is the reliability of the proxy provider and the automation tool. If the quality of service is not thorough, Instagram can detect suspicious bot activity, which might get your account disabled.

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