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Choose the network type

Depending on the level of stealth you’d like to benefit from and what kind of device you’d like to target, anyIP has worked hard to gather the most precious types of IP, such as Residential and Mobile.

Our IPs come coming from real devices 📲, making them the highest quality possible.

Residential and Mobile ensure the IP you’ll get won’t be treated as a Proxy or Hosting kind of IP, which usually raises flags, and most websites would block these IPs or trigger Captchas.

To avoid that, by default, anyIP will distribute to you either a Residential or a Mobile IP.

We also provide flags to let you choose which type fits your needs.

Residential AND mobile (default behavior)

You don’t need to specify the type for this user_XXXX or user_XXXX,type_residential both have the same behavior, and our proxy will give you either a Residential OR a Mobile IP.

This is useful in case you’re not sure which one to choose.

Terminal window
curl -v --proxy "http://user_XXXX:[email protected]:1080"
curl -v --proxy "http://user_XXXX,type_residential:[email protected]:1080"

Residential ONLY

Residential IPs provide a good compromise between stability and stealth:

  • Faster than mobile, they may use optical fibers
  • More stable, the IP is less likely to disconnect/interrupts
  • There is a good level of stealth. The IP is not recognized as a hosting/proxy

By simply addding user_XXXX,type_residentialonly our proxy will give you a Residential IPs ONLY.

Terminal window
curl -v --proxy "http://user_XXXX,type_residentialonly:[email protected]:1080"


Mobile IPs are the best choice if you’re encountering Captchas or blockages:

  • Highest level of stealth, think about what would be an IP if it would be a Ninja 🥷
  • Slower than Residential, but some may be using 4G or 5G.
  • Likely less stable, expects regular interruptions

To do so, user_XXXX,type_mobile

Terminal window
curl -v --proxy "http://user_XXXX,type_mobile:[email protected]:1080"