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Boost Proxy Speed by 5x Find Your Closest anyIP Server

Choose your server

At anyIP, we understand that milliseconds are crucial, especially if you’re doing long scrapes, the latency becomes important.

We’ve spent a year changing how our infrastructure works to divide the previous latencies up to 5x.

At the moment, we offer three main regions such as:

  • Europe / Africa:
  • Asia / Oceania:
  • North America / South America:

You can try it by executing this curl command from our servers in the USA:

Terminal window
curl -v --proxy "http://user_XXXX:[email protected]:1080"

Or here, our servers in France Europe:

Terminal window
curl -v --proxy "http://user_XXXX:[email protected]:1080"

✅ No difference in the result, only the speed changes.

How to choose the fastest server?

Check the closest server by executing a ping to each of our available endpoints.

To make your life simpler, here is a bash script you can execute from the server (or machine) that will connect to our proxies:

# Define the hosts
hosts=("" "" "")
# Function to ping and get the average time
ping_host() {
# Ping the host with 3 packets and extract the average time
ping -c 3 $1 | tail -1 | awk -F '/' '{print $5}'
# Initialize min time and fastest host
# Loop through each host and get ping times
for host in ${hosts[@]}; do
echo "Pinging $host..."
time=$(ping_host $host)
echo "Average time for $host: $time ms"
# Check if this time is less than the min time
if (( $(echo "$time < $min_time" | bc -l) )); then
# Output the fastest host
echo "The fastest host is $fastest_host with an average time of $min_time ms"

After execution, here’s a sample of what you should get:

Terminal window
# don't forget to set the file's permission to "executable"
chmod +x
# then launch it!
Average time for 389.126 ms
Average time for 50.498 ms
Average time for 220.889 ms
**The fastest host is** with an average time of 50.498 ms


The speed improvement can vary depending on where your machine and where the IPs you’re targeting are located.****

For optimal performance, we suggest selecting the server closest to your location. This ensures that all data exchanged between you and the proxy is transmitted via our professional peering network, which is faster than any consumer provider.