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Country selection

Anyip provides the possibility to choose a country right from your proxy username.

How to select the country

Most softwares requires you to specify a username when you use a proxy, from your anyip dashboard you can get your anyip username which should start with user_XXXX

Add country_US to your username in order to specify the country United States.

You could combine different flags that anyip offers in order to use multiple features, but you need to separate them with a separator , (coma).

So your username will result in user_XXXX,country_US and our proxy will recognize that you’d like an IP from USA, which will attribute you the correct IP.

Here is the complete cURL command that you can execute from your Terminal:

curl -v --proxy "http://user_XXXX,country_US:[email protected]:1080"

Do not forget to replace XXXX with your username that you can find from your dashboard, also YOUR_PASSWORD needs to be replaced with the password you’ve set.

How to select an Internet Provider (ASN)

If you’d like to get an IP that matches a specific provider, you can add the ASN number tied to that provider.

Here is a list of ASNs ordered by country will help you to find the provider that you need.

Let’s take an example, I want to choose T-Mobile USA which as an ASN 21928, you’d need to specify it such as user_XXXX,asn_21928

Here is the complete cURL command:

curl -v --proxy "http://user_XXXX,asn_21928:[email protected]:1080"

How to select a region via GPS coordinates

Sometimes you want to be extra precise, and want to get as close as a specific location.

With the help of this site you can easily find the coordinates you need.

Let’s choose New York, by specifying the latitude (lat) and the longitute (lon):


Here is the cURL example:

curl -v --proxy "http://user_XXXX,lat_40.7128,lon_-74.006:[email protected]:1080"

Let’s now say you’d like to be in Paris, France, the username should look like:


curl -v --proxy "http://user_XXXX,lat_48.8323,lon_2.4075:[email protected]:1080"

And.. Voilà!

Predefined Pools

Some pools have been predefined by us, which will allows you to get an IP that matches specific criteria.

Pool “western”

The pool western will take an IP from one of this list:

This is what needs to be included in your username in order to use this list: user_XXXX,pool_western

curl -v --proxy "http://user_XXXX,pool_western:[email protected]:1080"

More pools to come…