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Why do you need an Amazon proxy?

Amazon’s large pool of product data is highly beneficial for market research. Since Amazon doesn’t allow the scraping of product information, companies have employed proxies to acquire data. Many businesses have started extracting data from Amazon to gain a competitive edge.

Amazon scraping bots can check for consumer reviews, discover profitable products in a specific niche, and gather pricing details. Such massive data scrapes require the usage of proxies to avoid being banned by Amazon.

Amazon’s sophisticated monitoring system can easily trace you back if you aren’t using suitable proxies. anyIP’s Amazon proxies bypass all blocking restrictions and allow you to remain hidden and scrape millions of items.

How Amazon blocks your IP Address

Scraping Amazon’s website can be tricky. Its monitoring system limits all requests from IP addresses that make a specific number of requests. This is done to avoid data scraping by third parties.

If it detects any anomalies (like requests from the same IP address), all suspicious IP addresses will be banned. Hence, using a high-quality proxy server that can scrape and operate undetected by Amazon’s monitoring system is critical.

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Amazon holds a large amount of data that is useful for market analysis. Thus, numerous firms start the challenge to scrape out Amazon for their product data. A consequent amount of proxies would be required to acquire enough data.

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What is the best proxy for Amazon?

Choosing the right proxy depends on the business needs and proxy preferences. Let’s take a look at the different proxy types.

Datacenter proxies

Amazon detects a scrape simply by fetching the subnet attached to the IP address. So, when a particular subnet is blocked, you won’t be able to access the site from any of these IP addresses.

Therefore, data center proxies aren’t recommended for Amazon data scraping.

Residential proxies

Unlike data center proxies, residential proxies are impossible to guess as they come from different proxy service providers and locations. Residential proxies also improve the accuracy of your web scraping.

If you value your time and want high-quality data, purchasing residential proxies is the way to go.

Mobile Proxies

Mobile proxies are faster and more reliable than standard proxies. Since 4G proxy uses mobile IP addresses, they have a higher IP trust score. This makes mobile proxy an excellent choice for Amazon scrapping.

Unlike other mobile proxy providers, we offer premium mobile proxies at the most affordable price.

Note: Regardless of the type of proxy you choose, avoid sticky sessions for scraping purposes, as your IP address and location remain the same until the session ends.

Rotating proxies for Amazon

Rotating proxies help obtain product information from Amazon. With these proxies, you’ll get a new IP address with every request to Amazon’s site. This approach creates an illusion of multiple users accessing the site from different locations, lowering the danger of being blacklisted by Amazon.

In addition, rotating proxies speed up scraping by allowing the scraper to send many requests while avoiding detection and blocks. Since these IPs come from actual residential and 4G smartphone connections, you can remain undetected by Amazon’s radar.

Amazon proxies in all locations

We provide private proxies in over 195 countries. With our proxies, you can choose the location on a country or city level.

Frequently asked questions

Does Amazon allow data scraping?

It is against Amazon’s terms of service to scrape or copy content from their website. However, using Amazon proxies has become an essential market analysis tool for many businesses.

What type of proxy is most suitable for Amazon?

Residential proxies are the most suitable proxy type for Amazon because they offer the highest level of security and privacy, making it harder for Amazon to block.

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