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India residential and mobile proxies

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Extra GB: $4/GB
  • Residential Proxies
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Extra GB: $3/GB
  • Residential Proxies
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Extra GB: $2/GB
  • Residential Proxies
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High-speed Proxies from Delhi to Chennai

Unlock the largest consumer market in the world with accuracy. Our highly localized Indian proxy servers enable you to boost your businesses instantly.

With anyIP’s massive pool of Indian proxies, you can run targeted ad marketing in the colorful city of Rajkot or conduct a successful SEO campaign in the tech city, Bengaluru.

Best Private Proxies in India

Our smart proxy servers are tailored for business operations in India. Whether you’re scraping, monitoring, or studying your competitors, our high-quality, low-cost Indian proxies have you covered.

Highly Optimized Rotating Proxies

Rotating proxies hides your real IP address by assigning a new IP address periodically for every connection request. These proxies are ideal for tasks involving a large number of requests.

anyIP’s smart rotating proxy server ensures complete anonymity and prevent websites from blocking your IP address. Our up-to-date list of Indian IP addresses helps you perform faster web scrapes with no interruptions.

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Large Pool of Residential Proxies

Residential proxies route traffic through a residential IP address. This proxy is ideal for users who want to scrape websites from a specific geographic location.

Our dedicated Indian residential proxies have low latency and 99.9% uptime – making us the most dependable residential proxy network in India. Get the most of your automation tools and scrape uninterrupted with our premium Indian IP addresses.

Blazing Fast Mobile Proxies

Mobile proxy (or 4G proxy) uses IP addresses from real mobile carriers to redirect traffic. Since these mobile IP addresses are from authentic 3G/4G/LTE connections, mobile proxies have a higher IP trust score compared to other proxies.

Seamlessly rotate your IP and get unrestricted access to platforms with anyIP’s advanced Indian proxy server.

Our Indian proxy network includes mobile carriers like BSNL, Jio, Airtel, and Vi.

Reliable Static Proxies

A static proxy is a great tool for large-scale scraping operations. Its sticky sessions enable you to use the static IP address for as long as you need.

With anyIP’s static proxies, you get access to unlimited connections while maintaining anonymity. Monitor SEO campaigns or scrape large websites uninterrupted for hours or even days.

What You Can Do with anyIP’s Indian Proxies

You can accomplish a lot with our premium Indian proxies. Here are some examples of how our clients have utilized our Indian proxy services:

Monitor competitors on Flipkart, Alibaba, and Amazon India
Buy tickets to the Indian Premier League and other domestic games
Track and manage SEO compliance with changing Indian laws
Scrape competitors’ websites and social media sites with complete anonymity
Create and manage multiple social media accounts for ad buying and monitoring
Test mobile games and websites with Indian IP address
Avoid IP bans during a large web scraping effort
Run automation tools to aggregate pricing data from, or
Get around geo-blocks and other blocks run by sites or companies
Monitor plane ticket prices to get the best possible deal on a mistake fare on Indigo

What We Don’t Recommend Using our Proxy Servers For

Rotating proxies are an excellent tool for slipping in and out of websites unnoticed. They provide anonymous browsing as the proxies change every time the website sends a request. This rotation is why they’re also referred to as backconnect proxies.

However, we do not recommend rotating proxies for projects that need a longer session. This includes streaming data, scraping large amounts of data, especially if it is image-heavy, or downloading torrents.

If you want to use proxies to complete one of these tasks, there are alternative tools that are better suited for your specific requirements.

Cheapest Proxy Service in India

anyIP’s Indian proxies are fast, reliable, and provide smart features including, city-level tracking, anonymous browsing, and seamless integration with your AI tools. As the most trusted proxy service provider in India, we offer high-quality services at the most affordable prices.

With a large selection of cities to choose from, you can gather data without being detected by anti-scraping systems.

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India Proxies: FAQs

How to buy a proxy in India?

To buy a proxy in India, you’ll need to find a few reputable Indian proxy service providers. Then compare the price of their service, anonymity they offer, monthly transfer limits, refund policies, and support services.

Are proxies legal in India?

There is no definitive answer to this question as the legality of proxies in India can vary depending on the context in which they are being used. Generally speaking, proxies are legal in India providing that they are used for legitimate purposes.

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