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Why choose anyIP for Your XMR Monero Proxy Purchase?

Buy Proxies with Monero

Using Monero (XMR) to pay for proxies with cryptocurrencies is getting more popular because of their privacy and security benefits.

Proxy users often pick Monero due to its focus on privacy and anonymity.

At anyip.io, we’re proud to accept XMR for our proxy services. This makes it easier and more secure for customers to get proxies with the privacy they want.

Monero is a private, decentralised cryptocurrency. It uses strong encryption and advanced tech to make all transactions untraceable. When you buy proxies with XMR, you’re protecting your online identity. No one can trace your purchase back to you, guaranteeing complete privacy.

We use advanced tech to process your XMR transactions and automatically activate your proxies.

This means your proxies are ready for use after confirming your XMR payment.

Buy proxies with XMR Monero
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The Lowest Price in the Market

We let you access our pool of residential and mobile proxies for all countries under one subscription. This gives you a broad range of options to improve your online experience.
Our goal is to offer the lowest prices in the market without sacrificing quality – as low as 2 dollars per gigabyte (GB).
The benefits of choosing anyip.io as your proxy provider include the following:

  • Affordable: Get unmatched access to a wide range of proxies at the most budget-friendly prices available.
  • Simple: Our pricing is clear. Residential and mobile proxies cost the same, so there’s no confusion.
  • Efficient: Opt for our high-quality proxies without overspending and streamline your processes.
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Residential and Mobile proxies global network

Residential & Mobile Proxies in 14+ Countries

Tired of being limited online due to location restrictions? Need to scrape data from various websites without getting blocked? Our proxy service offers a smooth experience with a wide array of residential and mobile proxies.
At anyip.io, we offer residential and mobile proxies for over 14 countries.
Our service gives you access to a vast pool of millions of constantly refreshed IPs, so you have a wide and varied selection.
All our packages include both residential and mobile proxies. Offering a flexible solution for many applications.
The main difference between the two types is their source:

  • Residential proxies come from home computers and look like real home users.
  • Mobile proxies come from real mobile phones, providing a legit connection for tasks needing a mobile user experience.

You can change your proxy type or country with just one click, updating your settings immediately. This ease of use helps you better use proxies for various activities like data scraping, ad verification, and more.

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High-Quality Residential and Mobile Proxies with No Limitations

We know how essential reliable, high-quality proxies are for your web scraping tasks and other online actions.

We provide a wide range of unlimited residential and mobile proxies to meet this need. They make it easy to switch IPs and get your work done.

Our residential and mobile proxies are designed to give you unmatched performance and flexibility.

You can change your IPs as much as you want, even for each request. This provides great flexibility and security. Also, we support both sticky and rotating IPs, giving you more control over your proxy use.

A key feature of our service is unlimited ports. This allows you to make as many requests at once as you need. Resulting in better efficiency and quicker results for your projects.

Plus, with no limits, you can start as many different proxy sessions as you want.

We also make sure our proxies are compatible with various software and protocols. They support HTTP/HTTPS and SOCKS5, which are suitable for many different tasks and applications.

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Residential Proxies

Residential Proxies

Residential proxies are crucial for privacy while browsing the web.

Our stock of residential IPs is made up of only real home IP addresses. This gives you more anonymity than datacenter proxies and ensures fewer website blocks.

A key feature of our residential proxies is the choice of sticky and rotating IPs.

You can rotate your IP with each request or keep the same IP for up to 60 minutes. This is helpful for tasks like web scraping, which need frequent IP changes, and tasks like account management, which require a stable IP.

Another benefit of using residential proxies is getting past geo-restrictions. With IPs from various places, you can skirt regional blocks on websites. This lets you enjoy a more varied internet experience and stay updated globally.

Fast speeds and low latencies are critical for a smooth online experience; our residential proxies provide just that.

With improved connections, our proxies ensure you enjoy the best browsing speed. This lowers the chance of timeouts or connection drops, which is crucial for tasks needing quick data access or live interaction.

Access Residential Proxies
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Mobile Proxies

Mobile proxies are the best type of proxies available.


Because they come from real mobile phones, ensuring the most authentic and reliable proxy experience.

At anyip.io, we give you access to real mobile IP addresses from various carriers, ensuring you get a diverse range of IPs.

One of the main advantages of our mobile proxies is the automatic IP rotation feature.

You can choose either sticky or rotating mobile IPs depending on your needs.

For example, you can opt for an IP rotation with every request or keep the same IP for up to 60 minutes.

Mobile IPs are also less likely to get blocked. Since many devices use identical mobile network antennas, it’s harder for your proxy actions to get spotted and banned.

This makes these proxies great for web scraping and mobile task automation.

Here’s why our mobile proxies stand out:

  • Access to real Mobile IPs from various carriers, ensuring a wide range of IPs.
  • Auto IP rotation. This lets you change IPs with each request or keep it for up to 60 minutes.
  • Lower the chance of IP blocking due to shared network antennas, giving a more seamless browsing experience.
  • Ideal for web scraping and mobile task automation, ensuring efficient and effective operations.

With real mobile IPs, auto-rotation, and a lower risk of IP blocking, you can have a smooth and efficient online experience.

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Mobile Proxies

Experience the Best Proxies: Try Now!

Enjoy seamless browsing with our top-rated Mobile and Residential proxies.

Buy Proxies with XMR Monero

How to Buy Proxies with XMR Monero?

Step 1

Choose Your Proxy Package

Once you’ve signed up at anyip.io, you’ll see different proxy packages on your dashboard.
Each package fits different bandwidth needs. It’s essential to know your usage before picking a package.
Are you searching for a proxy to visit websites or do extensive Scrapping?

Assess your bandwidth needs and pick the package that meets your needs.

After you’ve chosen, click on your desired proxy package and pick the Crypto payment option.

Step 2

Select XMR Monero

First, find XMR in the list of available payment options. Once you’ve located it, click on it.
A new page will then open up.
On this page, you’ll see info about exchange rates and the current market prices for XMR.

Using the current market value, The system will automatically determine how much your proxy purchase will cost in XMR.

Step 3

Complete the Transaction

You’ve picked the right proxy package and decided to pay with Monero. Now, it’s time to finish up the transaction.

To do this, send the shown amount to the given Monero address. It’s essential to check the address before sending the payment because you can’t undo a Monero transaction.

Remember that your transaction might take a bit to confirm based on how busy the Monero blockchain is. This is normal and nothing to worry about.

While waiting, you can track the transaction status in your Monero wallet or using a Monero block explorer.

Step 4

Receive Your Proxies

Congratulations! You’ve completed your transaction with XMR Monero.

Now, it’s time to start using your newly bought proxies.

Right after your transaction is done, your proxy account will activate automatically. You can begin using the proxies right away.

You won’t have to wait for manual activation or any long verification processes.


Benefits of Purchasing Proxy With XMR Monero on anyIP

Buying proxies with Monero (XMR) has many benefits compared to traditional payment methods like credit cards.

First, XMR offers excellent security, privacy, and anonymity. It’s the most private cryptocurrency, using stealth addresses and ring signatures for confidentiality.

Its blockchain hides transaction details and amounts by masking participants’ addresses.

Also, Monero’s transaction history is non-traceable. This creates a safer network where your units aren’t at risk of being rejected or blacklisted.

XMR also lets you buy proxies at the lowest price. As there’s no VAT when buying proxies with XMR, you can save money. Furthermore, you don’t need to convert your XMR to dollars to buy. This means quicker transactions and lower fees.

Finally, using XMR is very helpful if you don’t have a credit card.

Customer Support Requests Are Answered in Less Than 5 Min

We take pride in responding to customer support requests in under 5 minutes.

We aim to handle your issues promptly so you can concentrate on your work, not tech problems.

Our customer support isn’t your usual help desk. It’s staffed by engineers with a deep understanding of the proxy and scraping business.

We all have over ten years of experience and will assist with any technical challenges you encounter. When you ask for help, you can trust you’ll be speaking with someone who gets your needs and can provide the right help.

For easy access to support, we’ve made several contact channels available.

Contact our team through Live Chat, Email, or Telegram – whatever works best for you.

We aim to keep communication simple and easy and always ready to help when needed.

Frequently asked questions

1. What is XMR Monero?

Monero (XMR) is a free, privacy-focused cryptocurrency launched in 2014. It stands out for its strong commitment to security and anonymity.

Unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum, Monero keeps all transactions private and untraceable, providing users with better privacy.

Monero ensures this anonymity with three key technologies:

  • Stealth addresses: Single-use addresses that hide the recipient’s identity
  • Ring signatures: Keep the sender’s identity hidden
  • RingCT: (Ring Confidential Transactions), added in 2017, obscures the amount transferred in each transaction

Combining these three technologies creates an environment where all transactions are anonymous.

This makes XMR an excellent choice for those wanting added online transaction security.

2. Is using Monero (XMR) to buy proxies safe?

Buying proxies with Monero (XMR) is safe and perfect for those who value privacy.

Monero is a well-liked cryptocurrency known for keeping transactions private and hard to trace.

It uses stealth addresses and ring signatures, among other security features.

This makes it great for buying online services, like proxies.

3. Do you offer refunds with XMR Monero payments?

Crypto payments, including XMR Monero, are definitive and not subject to our standard refund policy.

This is because crypto transactions can’t be easily reversed or traced.

Please remember this before you pay with XMR Monero.

We recommend that our customers look closely at our services before buying proxies with digital currency.

Our customer support team is always ready to assist with any questions or doubts.

4. Is the monthly subscription renewal possible with XMR Monero payments?

Yes, you can renew your monthly subscription with XMR Monero.

To simplify things, we’ll email you the Monero payment details before the renewal date.

If you choose to renew before your subscription ends, don’t worry.

We’ll add a whole month to your current subscription’s end date. This ensures you get the total value from your payment.

5. Are proxies automatically activated after payments?

Once the Monero network approves your payment, you can use your proxy.

Remember, like other digital currencies, Monero needs to confirm your transaction. Usually, this happens fast, but sometimes it takes longer.

6. Do You Charge VAT with XMR Monero?

If you pay with Monero, we don’t add a VAT charge.

If you’re unfamiliar with VAT, it’s a tax added to most goods and services.

But if you pay with Monero or another cryptocurrency, you don’t have to pay this tax.

This can lower our services’ price compared to using a credit card.

So, if you use Monero to buy proxies from us, you can avoid extra VAT costs. It’s a great way to save money and make our services even more affordable.

We suggest you consider this payment method.

7. Are there any additional fees for using Monero to buy proxies?

While we do not charge extra fees for using Monero, transaction fees might be associated with using this cryptocurrency.

These fees are generally minimal and depend on your wallet, exchange, or network.

Always check for applicable fees before making a transaction.

8. Do You Support Cryptocurrency X?

We accept over 60 types of cryptocurrency tokens to buy proxies. That includes popular ones like BTC, ETH, and USDT.

Offering these choices lets our customers pick the best payment method for them.

If you don’t see the cryptocurrency you like to use on our platform, don’t worry! You can chat with us on our website, and we’ll find a good solution.

We’re always ready to look into new payment options that make buying proxies easier for our customers.

8. Do you offer payment methods other than XMR and cryptocurrencies?

Yes, we support other payment methods.

We understand that our customers might like different ways to pay. That’s why we let you pay with traditional methods.

You can use a credit or debit card.

We take most major cards and ensure your transaction is safe and smooth. Safety is essential, so we use the best security methods to protect your info during card payments.

For those who prefer international bank transfers, we offer a straightforward way to send money. This option could be preferred for those who don’t want to use crypto or cards.

Remember that bank transfers might take longer to process than other payment methods. It also depends on your bank’s rules and processing times.

9. Will I Lose My Bandwidth If I Don’t Use It?

Your unused bandwidth won’t go to waste. We’ll move it to the next month for you automatically.

We know that how much bandwidth you need can change from month to month. That’s why we made our proxy packages flexible.

No one likes to feel like they wasted something important like bandwidth. Our rollover feature will help you get the most out of our services.

10. Do You Require KYC for Proxy Activation?

We don’t require KYC for proxy activation.

We know that many customers like to stay private and anonymous. So, we’ve made sure our activation process is smooth and automatic. When you pay with XMR Monero, your account turns on immediately without manual checks.

We don’t need to collect any Know Your Customer (KYC) info. So, you can keep your privacy the way you like it.

Not needing a KYC process for turning on proxies fits our goal of being user-friendly and privacy-focused.

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