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Extra GB: $5/GB
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Extra GB: $4/GB
  • Residential Proxies
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Extra GB: $3/GB
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Extra GB: $2/GB
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Best Private Proxy Server in Indonesia

Experience the best proxy server stability with our premium Indonesian proxies.

Our private proxies offer the highest connection success rates for data scraping, sneaker purchases, social media monitoring, and other botting tasks.

Premium Registered Proxies in Jakarta or Surabaya

Boost your web scraping operations with real IP addresses from any region in Indonesia – from Jakarta to Tegal to Jayapura.

anyIP’s reliable pool of 4G proxies lets you run an effective SEO campaign or targeted ad marketing uninterrupted.

Rotating Proxies

Rotating proxies (also referred to as backconnect proxies) provide servers with a different IP address every time a website sends a request.

Try our premium proxy network.

Starting as low as $2 per GB – cancel anytime.

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Avoid IP bans by seamlessly switching between our premium residential and mobile proxies. Monitor competitor pricing in complete stealth or send a burst of requests simultaneously with our massive pool of Indonesian proxy networks.

Our rotating proxies have found great success in the lucrative sneaker shopping market.

Residential proxies

Residential proxies use IP addresses of real household devices. Since Internet Service Providers (ISPs) provide these IPs, residential proxies are hard to detect and offer higher connection success rates.

Ensure successful SEO monitoring and ad verification campaigns with anyIP’s robust residential proxy network.

With our Indonesian proxies, you enjoy 99.9% uptime and can target broader geolocation with great precision.

Mobile Proxies

Mobile proxies utilize IP addresses provided by authentic mobile carriers.

anyIP’s mobile proxy network includes high-speed 4G/LTE/5G connections from Telkom, Indosat Ooredoo, XL Axiata, and other providers.

Use our mobile proxies to scale up your business with ease. Create and test mobile apps without restrictions, or inspect how ads perform on mobile devices.

Static Proxies

A static proxy is a hybrid of a residential proxy and a data center proxy. It uses IP addresses from ISPs.

Static proxies offer longer sticky sessions and unlimited connections and threads. These proxies are ideal for anonymous monitoring and testing.

What You Can Do with Our Indonesian Proxies

With anyIP’s dedicated Indonesia proxy server, you can scrape data, access blocked websites, and boost brand awareness without being banned.

Here are some great use cases for our Indonesian proxies:

Ad verification to ensure ads on your pages are appropriate and follow your own standards
Thorough web scraping of LinkedIn, Google, and other leading social media websites
Monitor up-to-date pricing of your products on competitor sites
Purchase sneakers and other limited-edition items
Buy tickets for concerts, sporting events, and music festivals
Run ad automation, social media campaigns, and email automation
SEO compliance in Indonesia jurisdictions
Create multiple social media accounts and manage them
Complete sensitive tasks without being tracked or flagged
Avoid bot detection during extensive data collection
Test new mobile applications or website layouts and redesign

What We Don’t Recommend Using Our Rotating Proxies For

At anyIP, we offer the most secure backconnect proxies in the market. They are ideal when anonymity is crucial and the data size is small.

Since these proxies switch rapidly between a pool of rotating proxies, it’s critical the data size is small. If not, the server may spot an anomaly and ban your device from accessing the site.

Hence, to scrape or monitor large amounts of data, use our other proxy solutions.

Cheapest Proxies in Indonesia

Increase your market presence in Indonesia with our dedicated proxy servers. anyIP’s smart infrastructure is designed to deliver the best proxy experience.

With our Indonesia proxy, you get unlimited bandwidth, high anonymity, and low latency at the most affordable price.

No hidden fees or traffic limit tricks. Get instant access, with no delays.

Indonesian Proxy: FAQs

How to get an Indonesian IP address?

There are a few ways to get an Indonesian IP address. One way is to use Virtual Private Network (VPN). Another way is to use proxy servers. Proxies are the best option for accessing blocked websites. They are also ideal for e-commerce market research, price comparison, and social media marketing, among many others.

Is it legal to use an Indonesian proxy?

There are no laws that prevent one from using internet proxies. However, the legal risk may exist if you use a proxy for illegal purposes.

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